Best Portable Table Saws

Table saws play an important part in ensuring that your professional career in the woodworking field goes in the positive direction. Here is a list of the best portable table saw in the market along with some of their key features. For more info on the different table saws, you can check out the table saw reviews. You can also go to our website and see more about the different best portable table saw in the market. To buy best table saw for hobbyist and best table saw for woodworking all you have to do is go through their specifications and compare them.

best portable table saw - stand retracted
best portable table saw – stand retracted

Porter-Cable PC B220TS

Look-wise, there are a lot of similarities between the Porter-Cable and Craftsman such as the anti kickback pawls and blade guard. This is also the only saw which has a blade-tilting handwheel that helps make dialing the bevel angle properly. The blade controls and motor mount on the saw are also quite stable and reflects in providing a good quality cut. To get a wide rip, you will need to put in a little effort on the saw as the rails are a little stiff. Overall, this is a great saw to buy for $299.

Ryobi RTS30

This saw has a number of features that one will like which includes sturdiness of the stand which is also easy to set up. The blade guard’s hold up feature, smooth-operating table extension and comfortable installation are some of the most likeable features of the saw. However, the drawback with this saw is that the motor mount is not as reliable as the other saws which were tested. This might also be the reason why it did not do well in the cut quality on torture test.

best portable table saw
best portable table saw

DeWalt DW744XRS

The stand and saw combination is said to be very expensive and with good reason too. With this saw you get a good number of top-end features which makes the saw worth the price you pay. The saw stand does not have any wheel in the setup position, which is the first thing that you will notice. The lack of wheels is compensated with its sturdiness which makes ripping sheets of heavy, long boards and plywood very easy. The best part about it is that you can remove the saw easily. This also makes the saw easy to use as well as transport without the stand. It also comes with a rack-and-pinion fence which is patented. This arrangement is made such that it is parallel to the blade and adjusting it is very easy. The DeWalt saw is a classy one and cannot be beaten.

Bosch 4100-09

When you are willing to spend over $500 on a saw, you will definitely get one that cannot go wrong. The table saw sets from Bosch are some of the best out there and set the standard for quality at a very high pace. Moreover the blade guard is also very easy to install and you do not have to worry about the fence lock down. To provide a better torque, Bosch makes use of a soft-start motor that runs slower. To facilitate easier bald changing facility, it is built with an arbor lock. It you are a tall person, then this saw will suit you the best since its stand is about 38 inches high, which is a couple of inches higher than the rest.

Rockwell RK 7241S

This saw stands aside from the rest of the saws. The blade guard, anti-kickback pawls and the riving knife are connected as a unit and can also be removed. In order to make a non-through cut, you will have to remove them and install it again with the separate riving knife first. The mechanism is different when compared with the rest of the saws. The saw also has a right-tilting motor which makes it safer to make bevel cuts when the fence lies at the blade’s right side. To tackle the sawdust that appears during the time of sawing, a large dust bag is available as there is no port for a vacuum cleaner. The saw is capable of ripping a 4 x 4 in a single pass and has a wide rip capacity of 30 inches. The table saw reviews on these table saws will give you a clear view.

best portable table saw - in shop 2
best portable table saw – in shop 2

Ridgid R4510

This saw comes with a range of features that include a fence designed for mounting accessories as well as a versatile miter gauge. The stand of these woodworking table saws is very like that of Bosch, but the quality of the wheels is a little disappointing. The fence has T-slots for easy mounting of accessories such as featherboards and also locks down securely and glides smoothly. The device has a lifetime warranty which covers against breakage. It also comes with a tape measure-type scale that is also continuous-readable, making it easy to read. The miter gauge also has slots and holes for mounting accessories and extensions. The stand is also built for rippling plywood on the left side.

Craftsman JT2502RC

One of the least expensive saws is Craftsman which costs around $290 and is also very compact in size and can be folded up. If you are lucky, you might even get the woodworking table saws for the sale price of $260. This saw is very hard to install and comes with anti kickback pawls and blade guard that are similar to Porter-Cable. The drawback with this saw is that the two blades do not have the feature that will give you the ability to hold it away when you are setting up the cut or adjusting the blade.

If you are able to understand the characteristics of the best portable table saw through the table saw reviews, you will be able to choose the best table saw for hobbyist and the best table saw for woodworking. Click here if you want to learn more about the best portable table saw and its key features.

Choosing the Best Table Saw

The best portable table saw that exists today is light-years ahead of the one that was available to us decades ago in the form of small saw. Some features that they come packed with are big capacity cutting, attached stands and improved safety features. If you are willing to invest in the saw, then the saw in the upper price range will be able to give you a quality and accurate cut. There are seven saws that have been tested during the time which are craftsman JT2502RC, Ridgid R4510, DeWalt DW744XRS, Rockwell RK 7241S, Bosch 4100-09, Ryobi RTS30 and DeWalt DW744XRS. You should be happy to know that all the 7 saws that we took to test did excellently in terms of quality of cut as well as cutting power. An oak which was 3 inch thick was used to test and the stock blades of the saws were tried out one by one. There is but very little difference between the cuts made and as expected, saws which were more expensive were made to cut soother. If seen with a microscope, one would say that Ryobi’s cut quality was better when compared with the others. The blades that came with the saws were sufficient for most ripping tasks. However, in order to get a smooth cut, you will require a blade of higher caliber which will be more expensive.

best portable table saw - in shop
best portable table saw – in shop

There are many table saw reviews available in the internet to help you choose the best table saw for hobbyist as well as the best table saw for woodworking professionals. You will have to do a comparative study on the various woodworking table saws before arriving at a concrete conclusion. You should also take into account the safety measures that are offered by the table saw that you have in mind. When you are working with a heavy device that is capable of potentially putting your life in danger, it is important that you do your homework on the necessary safety measures that you expect from a standard saw. If you are satisfied that the table saw will not cause any harm if handled with care, you can go ahead in choosing it. However, if you are not satisfied and doubt that you will be safe while using it, you should choose another better model of table saw. For more info on safety measures, you can go to You can also click here to see more about the best table saws in the industry.

best portable table saw - on site 2
best portable table saw – on site 2

Sturdy Stand

The saws that are tested are attached with collapsible stand and they can also be moved around with the help of wheels that come with it. However some saws like Ryobi, Rockwell and DeWalt once set up cannot be moved around. However the difference between them lies in how they can be set up. Both Bosch as well as Ridgid have stands that only require you to depress or flip a lever to operate the stand while DeWalt stand is very intuitive and can be spread out like a card table. The other saw stands are a bit difficult when compared with these but when you start using them you will get the hang of it.

Blade Control

It is easier to turn the blade raising cranks in some saws due to the gear ratio as well as the mechanism type used. Though there are very slight differences, only Craftsman saw refused to turn smoothly and the rest turned out just fine. Each saw has a different method to tilt the blade when cutting bevels. It is also worth noting that Porter cable saw is the only saw that could be found with a bevel control with conventional handwheel situated to the saw’s side. In order to choose the angle, all you have to do is release the bevel-lock lever and tilt the saw accordingly. This method is also easy to change the position from 90 degrees to 45 degrees. You should look up table saw reviews to learn about the blade control of the table saw and ensure that it has adequate precautionary methods before making your final decision.

Safety Features

The safety gear is the biggest advance that could be seen in the portable table saw. This also includes a riving knife that helps to lessen kickback by making sure that the board does not pinch on the saw blade. In case the board pulls backward, ant kickback pawls will help keep the user safe. Moreover, a blade guard is included in all the saws which can be reinstalled as well as removed without the need for any tools. This option is provided because some sawing operations will need the blade guard to be removed while others can be implemented with the guard in place. In general, a saw which has guards that can be installed and removed easily is preferred over the others. Except Craftsman and Porter-Cable, all other saws have the blade guard removal option along with added features such as raising position, holding blade guard in place and so on to enable better setting up cuts visibility.

best portable table saw - on site
best portable table saw – on site

Dust Control

All the saws under test have a dust control feature of some sort or the other. Though none of the builds were perfect, it will still help catch plenty of sawdust. The Rockwell saw makes use of an enclosed motor compartment that has a large dust bag which is used to capture the sawdust.

When buying the best portable table saw you will have a large range of options to choose from. This is when table saw reviews will help you arrive at the right decision by providing you with a detailed analysis of the various best portable table saws in the market. Woodworking table saws can be used either by professionals or by hobbyists. The best table saw for hobbyist and the best table saw for woodworking will vary and you will have to do proper research on them before making your final decision.

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2017 best table saw

2017 Best Table Saw Reviews

The modern types of table saws are absolutely different from the traditional once. Many incredible features have been added making work easier while using these saws. The traditional types of saws for instance were manually operated while the modern saws are motor powered. Based on 2017 Table Saw Reviews this article aims at looking the most favorable type of saws, their unique features, and key benefits that you are likely to get by using them.

Bosch 4100DG-09

This is an amazing table saw with a rating of five out of five by many users. Many previous users showed maximum satisfaction by using Bosch 4100DG-09 table saw. The saw weighs 113 pounds, has a no-load Rpm of 3650, right of blade max rip of 25 inches. This type of saws is availed at around $760 hence giving different people from different financial classes to access it. It has a superb design, a very stable rolling stand, and an amazing digital read out on the fence hence making it operational bit quite easy. It has high levels of accuracy for crosscutting, beveling and ripping hence making it the best. It is user friendly due to the presence of a large, well position handle which you can easily grab while operating it.

Craftsman 315.218291

Another incredible table saw based on 2017 Table Saw Reviews is the Craftsman 315.218291. This saw has an average weight of 126 pounds, no-load RMP of 4800, and a Maxi rip right of blade of 33 inches. The saw goes at roughly $530 hence also quite affordable. It has a large motor of 15 amps and very stable rolling stand hence high levels of stability. A major challenge in using this type of saw is that is not user friendly and also due to the presence of a lousy switch.

Dewalt DW745

The Dewalt DW745 is another amazing table saw that feature in out 2017 Table Saw Reviews. This type of saw has an average weight of 45pounds thus making it quite light for portability. It has a No-Load RPM of 3850 and goes for roughly $400. The saw has high levels of accuracy, easy to use due to the presence of a pair of gears which you can easily access. Despite its small size, it has enviable power due to its powerful motor of 3850 rpm which is quite good as compared to other saws. The main limit with this saw is that it’s small size limit the width for ripping and also eliminate dado cuts.


The Jet jbts-10mjs is another incredible table saw that received positive feedback in our 2017 best Table Saw Reviews. This amazing saw has an average weight of 105 pounds, No-Load RPM of 4000, Max-Rip right of blade of 25 inches and goes for roughly $694. Although a bit expensive, it’s worth it. It has an amazing sliding out feed support that really helps you while using it on-site.

The above discussed saws are just but a few amazing saws in the market today. Engage in detailed study in this and other well researched Table Saw Reviews and be sure to make wise decisions.