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2017 Best Table Saw Reviews

The modern types of table saws are absolutely different from the traditional once. Many incredible features have been added making work easier while using these saws. The traditional types of saws for instance were manually operated while the modern saws are motor powered. Based on 2017 Table Saw Reviews this article aims at looking the most favorable type of saws, their unique features, and key benefits that you are likely to get by using them.

Bosch 4100DG-09

This is an amazing table saw with a rating of five out of five by many users. Many previous users showed maximum satisfaction by using Bosch 4100DG-09 table saw. The saw weighs 113 pounds, has a no-load Rpm of 3650, right of blade max rip of 25 inches. This type of saws is availed at around $760 hence giving different people from different financial classes to access it. It has a superb design, a very stable rolling stand, and an amazing digital read out on the fence hence making it operational bit quite easy. It has high levels of accuracy for crosscutting, beveling and ripping hence making it the best. It is user friendly due to the presence of a large, well position handle which you can easily grab while operating it.

Craftsman 315.218291

Another incredible table saw based on 2017 Table Saw Reviews is the Craftsman 315.218291. This saw has an average weight of 126 pounds, no-load RMP of 4800, and a Maxi rip right of blade of 33 inches. The saw goes at roughly $530 hence also quite affordable. It has a large motor of 15 amps and very stable rolling stand hence high levels of stability. A major challenge in using this type of saw is that is not user friendly and also due to the presence of a lousy switch.

Dewalt DW745

The Dewalt DW745 is another amazing table saw that feature in out 2017 Table Saw Reviews. This type of saw has an average weight of 45pounds thus making it quite light for portability. It has a No-Load RPM of 3850 and goes for roughly $400. The saw has high levels of accuracy, easy to use due to the presence of a pair of gears which you can easily access. Despite its small size, it has enviable power due to its powerful motor of 3850 rpm which is quite good as compared to other saws. The main limit with this saw is that it’s small size limit the width for ripping and also eliminate dado cuts.


The Jet jbts-10mjs is another incredible table saw that received positive feedback in our 2017 best Table Saw Reviews. This amazing saw has an average weight of 105 pounds, No-Load RPM of 4000, Max-Rip right of blade of 25 inches and goes for roughly $694. Although a bit expensive, it’s worth it. It has an amazing sliding out feed support that really helps you while using it on-site.

The above discussed saws are just but a few amazing saws in the market today. Engage in detailed study in this and other well researched Table Saw Reviews and be sure to make wise decisions.